Cargo Cult Corporation is Stephen Oberski, working in software development since the days of Bell Labs Unix running on PDP 11 mini computers.

Areas of interest include graphics, FAX store and forward, military command and control, real time embedded, database, networking, security, web server financial.

Currently most development is done in C++, C, Perl and Java. In the past development has been done in Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN and the assembler langauge for most every micro-processor.

Project involvement ranges in size from multi-year 100+ developers to short term one person, roles have been project leader, group leader, analyst, designer, developer and tester and even help desk support.

A plethora of development methodologies have been used including DOD-STD-2167A, MIL-STD-498, Agile, Yourdon, ISO.

Current work is mainly in the financial area with forays into FAX systems, EMAIL SPAM filtering, Internet security and network monitoring.

Other developers with overlapping skill sets are used on a sub-contract/demand basis and the services of a proficient technical writer is available.