Reuters Marketlink

Contribute RICs via a MarketLink connection to Reuters Triarch.

This process is a TCP/IP server that provides a client/server interface
to a Reuters Marketlink system, as described in
"Reuters Marketlink User Guide, Version 1.1".

The Reuters Marketlink is a PC computer based system that is connected
to this server's system via an async RS-232 interface and is accessed via the
Unix tty interface, or connected via a TCP/IP socket interface.

Clients establish TCP/IP connections to the well known service provided by this
server and can contribute logical RICs.

Any number of clients can be connected and can contribute any number of RICs.

This server maintains a queue of updates for each RIC contributed by clients
and contributes based on when the RIC was queued by the client, the per RIC current
throttle limit and the per Marketlink message limits.

The server connects to a Reuters Marketlink System via an asynchronous serial connection
as described in the Reuters "Marketlink User Guide", Version 1.1. and contributes RICs to it.

The server accepts connections from clients and reads RICs from the client which it
contributes to the Marketlink.